For All the Days Ahead

For All the Days Ahead

No matter what season you find yourself in, and regardless of how you got there, there are certain things that are great to keep in mind. This blog is dedicated to all you doers, do nots, thinkers, artists, strivers, the well-off and the not-so-well off; to everyone – we’re all doing life together, in a way, after all. So whether your day has your head down the gutter or in the skies, check back here. For all the little thoughts and ponderings and truths that life throws our way. Perhaps there will be some encouragement in taking a breather to see the big picture in this stressful, chaotic world we find ourselves in. Perhaps the words that are written on this page will become a source of relief and relaxation. And if not, that’s okay too. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to want to give even an inch. But more often than not, when you give life the benefit of the doubt, it seems things start falling into place after all.

This will not be a battleground of strong opinions, worldviews and debating. “Everybody talks and nobody listens” (Lifehouse) is a truth in our time. In a world where everybody tries to be heard, it’s good to have a place to withdraw. So sit back and relax, and don’t let all those negative vibes and pressures follow you here. Maybe this site will even help you find that motivation or positivity that seems to be so hard to get a hold of lately.

For all the days ahead.